Story of us

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Who we are

At Design & Desire, we specialize in creating adorable and unique dresses for your little princesses and matching outfits for moms and babies. Whether it’s a special occasion or everyday wear, we’ve got you covered!

We have worked very miniature manufacturing house. Mainly we are producing baby girl dresses. Any kind of size and customized size and design we can make. Also, we make baby and mom matching dresses. If someone makes an order for business purposes or himself/herself we can take short-quantity orders. We try to give you better than your expectations.

1. Customization:

  • Highlight your ability to create custom-sized and custom-designed baby girl dresses. This allows customers to get exactly what they want, whether it’s a specific size or a unique design.
  • For custom design you look different from others you special days

2. Matching Outfits:

  • Promote your baby and mom matching dresses as a unique and adorable option for family photoshoots, special occasions, or everyday wear.
  • Showcase the versatility of your matching sets, emphasizing how they create memorable moments for families.

3. Short-Quantity Orders:

  • Advertise your willingness to accept short-quantity orders, making your services accessible to small businesses, boutique owners, and individuals who may not require large quantities.
  • Highlight the quick turnaround times for short-quantity orders, ensuring prompt delivery and customer satisfaction.

To discover the perfect dresses for your little princesses and matching outfits for you and your mini-me! Let’s create magical moments together.

Our Mission

Our Vision and Goals 

Large Manufacturing House: We aspire to establish a leading manufacturing house, specializing in garments and related products. Our goal is to create a renowned brand known for quality and innovation.

Empowering Unemployed Women: We recognize the high rate of unemployment among women in our country. Our aim is to provide them with meaningful employment opportunities and the necessary guidance to start their own businesses.

Safe Workspace: We prioritize safety in our workspace, providing a secure environment where women can work without fear.

Guidance and Support: We offer comprehensive guidance and support to unemployed women, including assistance in job search, career counseling, and entrepreneurship training.

Skill Development: Through workshops, training programs, and mentorship, we equip women with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workplace or as entrepreneurs.

🌸 How We Help Unemployed Women: 🌸

  1. Safe Workspace: Our workspace is designed with women’s safety as a top priority, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment.

  2. Guidance and Support: We provide guidance on job search strategies, resume writing, interview preparation, and business planning.

  3. Skills Training: We offer training programs to develop essential skills such as sewing, marketing, financial management, and leadership.

  4. Job Opportunities: As our manufacturing house grows, we create job opportunities for women in various roles including production, design, marketing, and administration.

Brand of us

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